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Steel Work division

Steel Work division

  • inland river ship building (manufacturing, assembly, erection of block sections and assembly of different parts);
  • Metallic construction activities;
  • inerting for L.P.G vessels;
  • ship repairs (steel plate replacement, manufacturing and assembly of pipes);
  • repairs and construction of special vessels (arctic and oceanic fishing, L.P.G., etc).

Endowments :
  • Manual plasma cutting machines;
  • Semi-automatic gas shielded welding equipments (ESAB, KEMPPI, DAEWOO);
  • Automatic gas shielded welding equipment RAILTRAC 1000 FWR;
  • Rectifiers for manual welding with coated electrode (KEMPPI, ESAB, FRO, PSM 1000);
  • Electrical and pneumatic grinding machines (INGERSOLL);
  • Shielded gas automatic welding installations (LINCOLN ELECTRIC);
  • Specific lifting equipment (mechanical press, hydraulic press etc) - INGERSOLL;
  • Telescopic crane;
  • Specific measurement and control devices for steel works activity-manufacturing, assembly and coupling;
  • Barracks for shipyard accommodation facility.

Petrochemical & Outfitting division

Petrochemical & Outfitting division

  • Manufacturing, mounting and repair under-pressure mechanical installations;
  • Repair and mounting steam boilers and pipes;
  • General overhaul on petrochemical installations and crude oil processing;
  • Manufacture and installation of pipe system for new building and ship repair activities;
  • Checking and recondition of shaft line, propeller;
  • Metallic construction activities (industrial halls).

Endowments :
  • Plasma cutting machines;
  • Guillotines for small and big thickness;
  • Radial and normal drilling machines;
  • Lathes for small and big sizes;
  • Radial rectifying machines;
  • Melting furnaces with 250 kg/ charge induction;
  • Centrifugal casting machines;
  • Welding equipments: SAFMIG 500, SAFYARD 480, semiautomatic RAILTRAC 1000 FWR ;
  • Manual welding rectifiers with coated electrode PSM 1000, ESAB, UNITOR, KEMPPI;
  • Electrical and pneumatic grinders;
  • Dischargers machines with disk;
  • Plate bending machines (different profiles);
  • Expanders;
  • Barracks for shipyard arrangement;
  • Outfitting shop inside Petromidia MECHANICAL FACTORY, around 3500 sqm.

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